Fields of Operations

MVM ERBE Zrt, the engineering company of the MVM Group, is involved in the preparation, design and implementation of projects for the operation of electric and thermal power plants, electric transmission and distribution networks, and provides full-scale engineering services to perform these tasks.


Our references include a large number of projects both for carbon, hydrocarbon and nuclear power-based conventional, large-scale and small-scale power generation utilizing mainly renewable energy sources (wind, biomass, biogas, landfill gas, solar energy, etc.).


Thanks to its expertise, experience, and cutting-edge, competitive services, our engineering office is a reliable partner in drawing up feasibility studies, business plans and cost-benefit analyses required for the technical, economic and financial preparation of investments, as well as in conducting authority permit application procedures and compiling their respective documentation. Based on our Customers’ requirements, we participate in the implementation preparation phase, from the selection of manufacturers/suppliers, through the quality control of the production phase, up to the management, organization and technical inspection of on-site works, and commissioning. Our Company undertakes implementation tasks for investments also as a contractor.